Brooklyn Workers Compensation Lawyers

Hurt at Work in NYC?

Brooklyn Workers Compensation Lawyers

Brooklyn Workers Compensation Lawyers

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Our Brooklyn Workers Compensation Lawyers represent New Yorkers hurt on the job.

We file claims for maximum compensation for:

● Lost Wages

Most serious workplace accidents result in the injured employee’s absence from work for a period of time.  This can cause significant disruption to the employee’s income and ability to pay household bills.

● Medical Bills

Employees hurt on the job are expected to use their employer’s workers compensation insurance policy for payment of resulting medical bills.  An injured party’s health insurance company or automobile insurance company is likely to deny payment of medical bill claims arising out of a workplace accident.

● Social Security Disability

If an individual anticipates being out of work from several weeks to several months, an application for temporary disability insurance coverage can be filed with the State of New York.  When an injured worker anticipates being out of work for one year or more, or if the worker has already been out of work for an extended period of time, an application for permanent disability can be filed with the State of New York.

Third Party Claims

Workplace accidents resulting from the negligence of a third party enable the injury victim to file a lawsuit for additional compensation, to be paid by the insurance carrier of the third party company.  For example, if a worker is hurt because of the negligence of an outside vendor, contractor or landlord, claims for compensation may be filed against these companies in a court of law.  Third party claims can provide significant compensation for the injured worker, often much more than recoverable through workers compensation or disability claims.

Union Workers

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