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Slipped on a Wet Floor?

Brooklyn Wet Floor Fall Lawsuits Attorneys

Brooklyn Wet Floor Fall Lawyers

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Our Brooklyn wet floor fall lawyers represent slip & fall victims across the New York City area. 

We file personal injury lawsuits to pursue maximum financial compensation for bodily injury, medical bills, lost wages, pain & suffering and more.

Legal fees are only charged in the event of a monetary recovery for the client.

Brooklyn Wet Floor Fall Lawsuits

If you or a loved on fell on a wet floor and sustained a serious bodily injury, take prompt action at assert your rights.  Photographs of the hazardous condition and reports to the property manager are great ways to document a slip and fall accident. 

Brooklyn wet floor lawsuits filed with the court can force a negligent party to answer for their conduct or face entry of a judgment against their company.  In these instances, the insurance company for the negligent building owner will often pay a settlement to compensate a victim’s injury and loss.

Spilled Liquid or Food

Snow & Ice

Rain Water

Floor Mat Falls

Floor Wax / Cleaning Solution

● No Caution Sign

● Elevators, Escalators, Stairs

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