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Broken Step

Wooden steps often crack from excessive force.  In addition, cement steps with metal toe guards can cause a trip and fall when not properly maintained.

● Wet Step

Rain water or a spilled beverage can cause a slip and fall down the stairs.

● Dirty Step

If a property manager fails to maintain a staircase, they can be held financially responsible for any injury sustained in a fall.

● Missing or Broken Handrail

Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, steps and staircases must be equipped with a secure handrail.

Ladder Falls

New York Labor Law § 240 imposes liability on employers and construction companies for ladder accidents on their property.

● Public or Private Staircase

Regardless of the owner or usage of a staircase, any defective condition causing a fall should be documented with photographs and a report to the property manager.

● Indoor & Outdoor Stairs

Property owners are responsible for safe maintenance of steps in all seasons and weather conditions.

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