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Brooklyn Sidewalk Fall Lawyers

Brooklyn Sidewalk Fall Lawyers

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Cracked Sidewalk

If the City of New York has received prior written notice of a cracked sidewalk, they can be held financially liable for injuries sustained as a result of a trip and fall.  In addition, the owners of commercial buildings are also responsible for safe maintenance of sidewalks in front of their property.

● Slippery Sidewalk

New York City property owners are required to shovel snow and pour salt on sidewalk ice as necessary after a storm to prevent pedestrian slip and fall accidents.  A landlord’s failure to cure hazardous conditions can give rise to liability for any injuries sustained in a fall.

● Missing Sidewalk

Construction sites and sidewalk dead-ends often pose a significant hazard to pedestrians.  A person walking along a sidewalk that abruptly ends may need to navigate uneven terrain.

● Debris on Sidewalk

When a pedestrian trips on sidewalk debris, an investigation into the source of the debris should be made.  In addition, a sidewalk fall lawyer should be consulted to determine which parties may be financially responsible for injuries sustained.

Scaffold Accidents

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