Brooklyn Ladder Fall Lawyers – NYC Ladder Injury Claims

Fell off a Ladder?

Brooklyn Ladder Fall Lawyers

Brooklyn Ladder Fall Lawyers

Our Brooklyn ladder fall lawyers represent workers hurt in falls off a ladder.

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Ladders are frequently used in the workplace to access elevated areas.  A variety of ladder types are used at job sites, stockrooms, offices and in homes across the country.

While ladders serve a convenient purpose, they also expose workers to risk of a fall.

Common Ladder Accidents:

Broken Ladder Fall

● Off Balance Ladder

● Ladder Collapse

● Fall Off Ladder

● Dirty Ladder Steps

● All Ladder Accidents

NY Labor Law § 240 Lawsuits

The ladder fall lawsuits filed by our personal injury attorneys expose potential hazards in the maintenance and use of all ladder types. 

If you have been injured in a fall off a ladder, contact us without delay for a free legal evaluation.

Common Ladder Fall Injuries:

Broken Bones

Joint Injury

Head Injury

Additional Ladder Fall Information

Workers Compensation

Construction Accidents

Slip / Trip & Fall

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