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Brooklyn Slip & Fall Lawyers

Brooklyn Slip & Fall Lawyers

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Our Brooklyn slip & fall lawyers represent accident victims in claims for financial compensation.  If you fell down and hurt yourself as a result of the possible negligence of a 3rd party, contact us for a free evaluation of your right to recover financial compensation.

● Wet Floor Falls

If you slipped and fell on a wet floor, the source of the liquid will be a crucial fact to be proven in a personal injury lawsuit.  If the floor was wet from rain water or a spilled drink, an injury victim must prove the property manager was aware of the dangerous condition, or had ample opportunity to discover it.  However, when a person slips on floor wax or other cleaning solution intentionally placed on the floor by the property manager, the injured party generally will not be required to prove the landlord had notice of the dangerous condition, because the landlord created the dangerous condition in the first place.  Contact our Brooklyn slip & fall Lawyers for a free review of a wet floor accident.

● Staircase Falls

Falls on the steps occur for a variety of reasons.  Broken hand rails and misaligned toe plates are leading reasons for staircase falls.  In addition, wet substances on steps such as cleaning solution or a spilled beverage are also responsible for a large number of staircase injuries in New York City.  Call our Brooklyn fall lawyers for a free review of a serious staircase accident.

● Snow & Ice Falls

When an injury in the snow or ice, our slip & fall lawyers consult an almanac to determine the weather conditions at the time of the accident.  The law generally provides a property owner with approximately four (4) hours to shovel snow and pour salt on ice following a winter storm.  However, if a pause in the storm allowed maintenance workers time to attend to the snow and ice, the property owner can be held liable for injuries sustained in a fall.

● Ladder Falls

Falls from a ladder can occur due to an unstable ladder, broken rung, slippery substance such as grease on the steps, and countless other dangerous conditions.  When a person falls off a ladder while performing job duties including construction, maintenance, or reaching objects on a shelf, New York’s Labor Law holds the ladder owner responsible without the need to prove the defendant was on notice of the hazardous condition.

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Brooklyn Trip & Fall Lawyers for Cracked Sidewalk Accidents. Call our Brooklyn fall lawyers free.

Brooklyn Trip & Fall Lawyers

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● Sidewalk Falls

The City of New York can be held responsible for a cracked sidewalk if prior written notice of the defect has been provided to this City.  Such notice could include complaints to 311 documented in NYC records.  In addition, the owner of a commercial building or large apartment complex may be held responsible for injuries sustained on a cracked sidewalk in front of their building.  A notice of claim must be served upon New York City and the appropriate administrative agencies within ninety (90) days of the incident in order to maintain a claim for financial compensation.  Call our Brooklyn trip & fall lawyers without delay for a free review of a serious sidewalk accident.

● Pothole Falls

When a person trips and falls on a pot hole in the street, the City of New York may be held financially responsible for bodily injuries, lost wages and more.  To have the best chance for success with the claim, the pot hole should be located within the confines of a painted crosswalk and the City should be on prior written notice of the sink hole or other dangerous condition.  Adjacent building owners are generally not responsible for pot hole falls, unless the building owner or their construction workers are responsible for creating the defect in the street.  A notice of claim must be filed against the City of New York and its administrative agencies within ninety (90) days of the accident in order to preserve the claim.  Contact our Brooklyn trip & fall lawyers for a free analysis of a recent pot hole injury.

● Fall off Ledge

When a laborer or pedestrian trips and falls off a ledge, the potential is high for a serious bodily injury or even death.  The cause of the fall should be thoroughly documented for use as evidence at trial.  Claims for compensation may be filed against the property owner as well as construction crews responsible for any defective condition. Our Brooklyn trip & fall lawyers are experienced investigating a variety of serious ledge fall accidents.

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