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Childbirth Malpractice Injury?

Brooklyn Birth Injury Lawyers for Lawsuit Claims

Brooklyn Birth Injury Lawyers

Our Brooklyn birth injury lawyers represent the rights of infant babies, children and mothers for injuries sustained during pregnancy or childbirth.

We file claims for financial compensation across New York City and Long Island, NY.

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When a childbirth injury occurs, the mother and child may incur substantial medical bills, as well as serious bodily injury.  The injuries sustained in childbirth malpractice can permanently stay with the victims their entire lives.  This usually results in a diminished earnings capacity, as well as substantial future medical bills and related expenses.

● Cerebral Palsy

● Erb’s Palsy

● Organ Damage

● Limb Damage

● Anesthesia Error

Brooklyn Birth Injury Lawsuits

By filing a claim for monetary compensation, the financial cost and loss associated with a childbirth injury can be greatly offset.

Brooklyn birth injury lawsuits filed by our firm include claims for maximum financial compensation allowed under the law.  We always fight hard in our pursuit of justice for victims of pregnancy or childbirth medical malpractice.

Let our experienced birth injury lawyers review your medical records and provide our best advice for pursuing a legal claim.

Additional Information

● Medical Malpractice

Medical Device Injury

Pharmaceutical Injury

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