Brooklyn Joint Injury Lawyers

Joint Injury in NYC?

Brooklyn Joint Injury Lawyers

Brooklyn Joint Injury Lawyers

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Our Brooklyn joint injury lawyers represent New York accident victims in claims for maximum financial compensation.  If you have suffered a fractured joint, dislocated joint, torn muscle tendon or damaged ligament, contact us today for a free case evaluation.

● Knee Injury

Common knee injuries include fracture of the knee cap, as well as tearing of the ACL ligament or meniscus tendon.  Due to the vital role of the knee in human mobility, surgery may be necessary to repair, or even replace, the knee joint.

● Ankle Injury

Injury of the ankle bones, ligaments or tendons are quite painful.  Immobilization of the joint in a cast or surgical boot is usually required while the joint heals.  As the ankle joint holds up the whole human body, lifetime physical limitations often accompany a serious ankle injury.

● Hip Injury

A fracture or dislocation of the hip can make it impossible to stand up or walk around.  Serious hip injuries frequently require surgical correction, and in certain injury cases a hip replacement may be necessary.  An accident victim recovering from a serious hip injury may find it impossible to return to their pre-accident activity level.

Shoulder Injury

Common shoulder injuries include damage to the rotator cuff, as well as fracture of the shoulder blade, upper arm or clavicle bone.  Additional injuries include dislocation of the shoulder joint.  A serious shoulder injury may require surgical correction and lengthy recovery times.

● Elbow Injury

The elbow joint is comprised of the radius, ulna and humerus bones.  A serious elbow often requires surgery to repair and reset the joint.  In certain injury cases, amputation of the arm at the elbow may even be necessary.

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