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Construction Scaffolding Injury?

Brooklyn Scaffold Accident Lawyers

Brooklyn Scaffold Accident Lawyers

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Our Brooklyn scaffold accident lawyers represent injury victims in claims for financial compensation.  New York Labor Law § 240 holds scaffold companies and landlords responsible for the safety of scaffolding on their premises.

Steel Pole Scaffold Accidents

Tubular steel scaffolding is intended to be strong and sturdy.  However, the scaffold must be properly assembled and locked together.  Further, toe boards and guard rails must be securely fascened in place for the protection of construction workers.

● Baker / Rolling Scaffold Accidents

Mobile scaffold on wheels are easier for construction workers to use. However, the wheels must be securely locked while workers stand atop.  If a rolling scaffold moves while in use, workers face risk of fall or dropping equipment and debris.

● Wood Scaffold Accidents

Wood scaffolding is used in both mobile scaffold as well as permanent installations.  This scaffolding material has limited strength, and may be subject to cracking or collapse under excessive pressure.

● All Scaffolding Injuries

Our Brooklyn scaffold accident lawyers represent workers and pedestrians hurt in all scaffolding accidents across New York City.  If you have been hurt in an accident involving scaffolding or related equipment, you may be legally entitled to a substantial cash award.

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