Brooklyn Construction Accident Lawyers

Hurt at a Construction Site in NYC?

Brooklyn Construction Accident Lawyers

Brooklyn Construction Accident Lawyers

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Our Brooklyn construction accident lawyers file personal injury lawsuits on behalf of construction workers hurt at a job site or industrial facility.  We represent Union workers, non-union workers, general contractors, subcontractors, executives and pedestrians hurt at a construction site in or around New York City.

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Scaffold Accident

New York City law requires that scaffolding be erected around buildings under construction or undergoing structural renovation.  Several different types of scaffolding may be used.  When a scaffold railing or toe plate is misaligned, construction workers atop the scaffold face a significant risk of fall and bodily injury.

Ladder Falls

Ladder falls are frequently caused by an unstable ladder or hazardous condition on a ladder rung.  Broken or slippery ladder rungs can result in a construction or maintenance worker tumbling to the ground, causing substantial bodily injury.

Due to the serious injuries that commonly result from ladder falls, New York City law imposes strict requirements upon employers to maintain ladders and related equipment in safe working condition.

Trench Collapse

A safety failure along a construction trench can result in collapse of the trench walls.  In addition, construction trench falls and falling debris often result in some of the most serious construction site injuries.

Heavy Equipment Accidents

Our Brooklyn construction accident lawyers are experienced reviewing complex heavy equipment and construction vehicle injuries.  If you have been injured by the malfunction or mis-operation of construction equipment, contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Brooklyn Construction Accident Lawsuits

● Union Workers

Union Workers hurt in a construction accident may have valuable rights to bodily injury compensation pursuant to a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).  Our Brooklyn construction accident lawyers are experienced with both standard and unique CBA provisions providing for accident coverage, lost wages, medical bills and more.

● Contractors

Construction General Contractors are required to exercise due care in the selection and supervision of its sub-contractors.  Therefore, if a construction worker or pedestrian is injured as a result of the negligence of a Sub-Contractor, the General Contractor may also be held financially liable in court.

In addition, when a Sub-Contractor’s negligence causes an injury, a review of the accident should be conducted by an experienced construction accident lawyer to determine whether any other Sub-Contractors may share responsibility.

● Pedestrians

Pedestrians walking past a construction site may face a variety of hazards.  Some hazards may be clear, obvious, and even accompanied by cautionary signage or a protective gate.  However, other hazards may be hidden or may suddenly appear without warning.  As pedestrians are generally not expecting to encounter a hazard, and are not wearing protective gear, when an accident does occur the resulting injury can be substantial.

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