Brooklyn Broken Bone Lawyers

Broken Bone in NYC?

Brooklyn Broken Bone Lawyers

Brooklyn Broken Bone Lawyers

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Our Brooklyn broken bone lawyers represent New York bone injury victims in claims for maximum financial compensation.

● Broken Arm

A fractured arm or hand can take several months to heal in a cast.  The fracture may also impair range of motion in the wrist, elbow or shoulder joints.

● Broken Leg

A serious broken leg injury may require surgical hardware to fuse the bone back together.  When the ankle, knee or hip joint is injured by a leg fracture, full use of the limb may be permanently impaired.

● Broken Ribs

Ribs serve the vital role of protecting the body’s internal organs.  When a rib is fractured in an accident, the injury victim’s organs could be exposed to laceration, puncture or crush.  Therefore, broken ribs are serious injuries with the potential for significant medical complications.

● Broken Collar Bone

A broken collar bone is often treated with an arm sling.  However, a significant separation of the clavicle may require a screw or pin be surgically implanted to maintain proper alignment of the bone.

● Broken Pelvis

Serious pelvic fractures often cause extensive internal bleeding.  This can complication health operation of vital organs.  If you have sustained a pelvic fracture in an accident, contact our Brooklyn broken bone lawyers for a free legal consultation today.

● All Bone Fractures

Our Brooklyn broken bone lawyers file personal injury claims for all serious bone and ligament injuries.  We offer a free review of accident details and medical records, and will provide our advice on pursuing a case for financial compensation.  Don’t delay, strict deadlines apply to the filing of personal injury lawsuits in New York state courts.

Contact our Brooklyn broken bone lawyers for a free legal consultation.

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